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Initial situation



A Guarantee for High Stability of Results

The better the teeth align and fit together especially in the lateral tooth area, the better the stability of the results will be in the long run. A bad alignment of the lateral tooth areas can lead to the instability of the whole bite. To achieve a high stability of results in the long run, it is critical to perfectly implement the treatment plan. A large number of scientific studies have proven the extraordinarily high efficiency of the WIN Appliance which leads to high stability of result.2

Clinical Studies Prove the Reliability of the WIN Appliance

Invisibility and reliability are the two main advantages that our patients can count on when they choose treatment with WIN Lingual Braces. And when perfect aesthetics during the treatment are combined with high quality – you get high stability of results in the end. That is WIN Lingual Technology at its best.

Whole Tooth Movement

Whereas removable braces such as aligners can only move the teeth by applying pressure to their crowns, lingual braces can exert pressure on the roots of the teeth at the same time. Therefore, the WIN Appliance is able to control the movement of the whole tooth. The repositioning of the root of the tooth is the key factor, when it comes to a long-term, stable correction of the misaligned teeth. Just ask your orthodontist.