DW Lingual Systems is a leader in the field of lingual technology. Based in Germany, the company has internationally made a name for itself as the developer of WIN Lingual Braces. These braces are fixed to the inside of the teeth, which makes them invisible from the outside.
Besides its aesthetics, the WIN Appliance is also known for its reliability. Computer-operated bending robots manufacture arch wires that are individually designed for each patient. The high-tech production process enables WIN Lingual Braces to reliably correct even the most complex cases of tooth misalignments.

Due to its extremely flat design, WIN Lingual Braces are very comfortable to wear. They work for you day and night, which is the reason why it takes less time than expected to achieve the optimal treatment result.
For children and teenagers, lingual braces have an additional advantage. They actively prevent tooth decay and decrease the risk of long-term tooth damage such as white spot lesions.
In conclusion: WIN Lingual Braces are ideal for any age group and therefore a perfect fit for the entire family.