WIN Lingual Braces Results

This is What our Patients Say About Their Experiences and their Treatment Results with WIN Lingual Braces

Julia About the Stability of Results with her WIN Lingual Braces

Christina Cares About More Than Just Aesthetics

Liane Has Made the Right Decision

Igor About the Quality of the Result

Alexander About Efficient Tooth Movement

Lina About Getting Used to WIN Lingual Braces

“I chose the treatment with a WIN Appliance, because lingual braces are invisible. I was able to continue with my regular life and the total treatment process only lasted six months. The result of my treatment with WIN Lingual Braces was fantastic and has been stable until today – 5 years after the end of the treatment. All my friends are amazed by my new smile!”

“Thanks to WIN Lingual Braces, I have a more expressive smile today. For me, choosing the WIN treatment was not solely about aesthetics but also about correcting a complex misalignment of my teeth. The result of my treatment with WIN Lingual Braces is great. I do not have a cross bite anymore. Beautiful and healthy teeth are very important to me and part of my lifestyle.”

“I am more than impressed with the fast improvement of my smile that I used to hide all the time. I had to wear my WIN Lingual Braces only for nine months. During this short period of time, my smile was perfected. Instead of worrying about others judging me because of my crooked teeth, I now show off my smile with pride. During the treatment, nobody even noticed that I was wearing the invisible lingual braces. They also never interfered with eating or speaking.

I am constantly being complimented on my beautiful teeth and asked what I have done to perfect them. Choosing WIN Lingual Braces was the best decision I ever made. Even after six years, I could not be happier about my smile and the stability of the treatment result with WIN Lingual Braces.”

“I am just elated with the results that WIN Lingual Braces were able to optimally correct tooth misalignment on the upper jaw. Thanks to my new beautiful smile, I am more self-confident than ever before. My private and my business life have greatly benefited from it.”

“The misalignment of my front teeth had negatively impacted my life for years. I did not want to show others my crooked teeth and usually covered my mouth with my hand. Thanks to the invisible lingual braces, one of my greatest wishes has come true. I can smile without hiding my teeth. It was quick and easy to get the brackets attached to the inside of my teeth. I was impressed how quickly the first improvements showed. It took only a few months and the result of my treatment with WIN Lingual Braces is just amazing. I can finally smile openly and confidently show off my teeth.”

“The WIN Appliance is truly invisible. I have been wearing my lingual braces for six months and couldn’t be happier. I was worried in the beginning how they would feel in my mouth, whether they would bother me. I was not even sure whether I could normally speak or eat. But all my worries have disappeared. It took me less than one week to get used to my lingual braces. I was quickly able to eat normally and nobody could tell I was wearing them – even when I read aloud in front of others. I literally forgot I had them in my mouth after a couple of weeks. They have become a part of my body. I love my WIN Lingual Braces and I can’t wait to see the final result.”