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The Costs of WIN Lingual Braces:
Less Than You Think!

Schedule an appointment with your WIN Orthodontist for a consultation. You’ll be informed about the costs of the WIN Appliance. It is often possible to set up an affordable installment plan that spreads out the payments over the duration of your treatment process. In the end, your WIN Appliance will surely cost you less than expected and your perfect smile is more than worth it.

Costs and Coverage of WIN Lingual Braces

Many private health insurers and co-insurances cover the costs of lingual braces for adult patients. With state health insurances, there can be large differences how much of the costs are covered. It can vary on a case by case basis. In some instances, there are only minor corrections necessary to straighten your teeth. In other, more complex cases, the necessary corrections require much more effort and a longer treatment process. Therefore, you should consult with your WIN Orthodontist about your specific case and what expenses you can expect. In general, the costs for your WIN Lingual Braces can range between 3000 Euros and 8000 Euros. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule that can push the costs higher or lower than that. If you decide to go with an installment plan, your payments could be as low as a few hundred Euros per month.

The costs for orthodontic treatments of all complex tooth misalignments of children and teenagers are usually completely covered by their health insurances. If there are extra costs that are not covered, they are usually significantly lower than those of adults. Please consult with your WIN Orthodontist about all the details.

Invisible, Reliable, Gentle on Your Teeth – the WIN Appliance is the Sure Way to a Stunning Smile.