WIN Lingual Braces Cost Less Than You Think!

Schedule an appointment with your WIN Orthodontist for a consultation. You’ll be informed about the costs of the WIN Appliance. It is often possible to set up an affordable installment plan that spreads out the payments over the duration of your treatment process. In the end, your WIN Lingual Braces will surely cost you less than expected and your perfect smile is more than worth it.

The Cost of WIN Lingual Braces and Insurance Coverage

Many private health insurers and co-insurances cover the total cost of WIN Lingual Braces for adult patients. With state health insurances, there can be large differences how much of the cost of WIN Lingual Braces is covered in each case. Whereas some tooth misalignment can easily and quickly be corrected, more complex cases require much more effort and a longer treatment process. Therefore, you should consult with your WIN Orthodontist about the complexity of your specific case and what individual treatment expenses you can expect.

Treatment with WIN Braces are always worth it, because they offer the following unbeatable advantages:

– They are fixed to the inside of your teeth and invisible from the outside

– Faster results, as they work continuously day and night for you

– All brackets and archwires are individually, high-tech manufactured specifically for your teeth

– Reliable and sustainable three-dimensional correction of all tooth misalignments

– Precise, predictable results already at the beginning of the treatment

– High degree of comfort for the wearer due to the extremely flat Next Generation design

– Scientifically proven tenfold decrease of cavity risks compared to conventional fixed braces

The orthodontic treatment cost of all complex tooth misalignments for children and teens is usually completely covered by their health insurances. That includes the correction of complex tooth misalignments by WIN Lingual Braces. If there are extra costs that are not covered, they are usually significantly lower than those of adults. Please consult with your WIN Orthodontist about the cost of WIN Lingual Braces.

Invisible, Reliable, Gentle on Your Teeth – the WIN Appliance is the Sure Way to a Stunning Smile.